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Steve is an Innovative Percussion Artist.

New Releases!

  1. Will St. Peter "Honestly" (OA2 Records) Will St. Peter - Guitar, Steven Heffner - Bass, Steve Barnes - Drums
  2. Rosana Eckert "Sailing Home" (Origin Records) Rosana Eckert, voice and compositions; Peter Eldridge, producer, pianist; Brian Piper, piano;  Young Heo, bass;  Corey Christiansen, guitar;  Steve Barnes, drums; Ben Wittman & Gary Eckert, percussion;  Ginny Mac, accordion.



To Study:

Stockton Helbing "Big Band Etudes and Syncopation"

Ed Soph's  "Essential Techniques for Drum Set"

Tommy Igoe "Hands for a Lifetime"

Jojo Mayer "Secret Weapons, Hands and Feet"

Jim Riley "Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer"

Gary Chester "New Breed" 


To Listen:

Quincy Davis "Q Vision"

Stockton Helbing "Light Sleeper--Swimming in Place"


Aubrey Johnson "Unraveled"

"Daryl's House" (YouTube) Shawn Pelton - drums, Brian Dunne - drums

Metropole Orchestra with Vince Mendoza

Peter Eldridge "Somewhere" (with Kenny Werner's string arrangements and piano)

The soundtrack for "Downton Abbey"!

Don Harper "Oceanic Orchestra"

Idina Menzel "Barefoot Concerts" (with Craig Macintyre - drums)